Yesterday was M’s birthday. And I could sense that he has no plan of celebrating because he is so quiet and  sad. M is the person who always wear a smile, so whenever I see him sad, I feel a bit awkward maybe because I’m not used to it. Because of our busy schedule, the barkada didn’t have a chance to prepare and give a gift to him. So since I’m a great friend (kidding!) and he’s special to me, I decided to buy a slice of cake thinking that it would somehow make his birthday a happy one. But to my surprise, the moment I said “Yo, take this home.” He refused. He doesn’t want to take it.  I even warned him that if he would still insist not to accept it, I will cry. Honestly, I am very close to tears at that time. I no longer force him to take the cake because I might not control the tears I am holding back; especially that some of our classmates were there. And I don’t want them too to wonder why I am teary-eyed.

DSC_0727 DSC_0729

And so, the blueberry cheesecake was with me ’til I got home

P.S: M is a very close friend of mine. 🙂


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