Dear Pa,

I know, that you, being a father, only wants the best for his children. You are a responsible dad for there are so many great things that you have done for your family. And it cannot be denied for it really shows and a lot of people could attest to that. In fact, I am really glad that you are my dad,  beyond blessed that you are my dad. You are smart, funny, brave, strong, resourceful, industrious, you name it. And I know that you wants us to be like you too. But dad, know that each one of us is unique. No two persons are exactly alike. It hurts me, when I get yelled and scolded by you when we didn’t make it the way you want it to be done. I’m sorry dad, but please know that there are things that you are capable of that we are not. Forgive me dad if I fail you sometimes. Forgive me if sometimes my voice gets higher when we argue. Just so you know dad, when I am being like that to you, it hurts me, really. ‘Cause I know I shouldn’t be like that. Because you’re older, you’re my father and I should not raise my voice towards you. That’s why I am so sorry dad it’s just that I am hurting. Pa, all I really want is to please consider my feelings too.  Please hear what I say and I’m trying to explain. I love you, pa. I love you so much. ;(


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