“i hope one day 
heart feels what real love is,
i hope you learn that
what you feel now does not
compare to what could be

it’s not crazy infatuation,
constantly trying to catch your breath
no sanity, emotional recklessness

you crave love from someone
who will only ever be able
to give you temporary highs
and empty affection

but i hope one day
you’ll find that love doesn’t have to
mean crying and screaming and aching,
left lifeless from all the pain,
it means patience and trust and
kindness and selflessness and
it won’t always be easy, but you
won’t have to lie awake at night,
afraid that he won’t love you in
the morning, because he won’t
treat your heart like clay in his hands

you’re letting yourself go crazy
because you’re afraid
you wouldn’t know
how to deal with the pain
if you were sane

you may think that this insanity is sacrifice,
but don’t give your heart to someone
who requires you to lose your mind.

madisen kuhnyou deserve better

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