So there’s this guy who asked me to be her model on his magazine cover project in their subject Advanced Photography. Upon seeing his message, I laughed hysterically. Why? Because I never thought in my entire life to be asked by someone to be his/her subject in photography. I find it funny ’cause there’s a lot way more drop dead gorgeous in this town or let’s just say specifically in AB Comm and it was me that he had chosen. Me, having a low self-esteem and low confidence agreed. Wondering why? Aside from I don’t say NO, hey, it was Kuya Noise, the one who always cheers me up when I was still struggling in the university. And because there’s this voice inside me that said, “Why not? Who knows it might be fun? :)” And so, after the shoot I gained friends. Even when I was posing awkwardly on the camera, there are these people who smiling at me and saying, “It’s okay, just smile.” 🙂 This experience made me happy. Really. And I made someone happy too that makes me a lot happier. Thank you, Jed & Alyssa for making me beautiful (ows) by putting make-up on my face and thank you Kria for the kwentos, you helped me to be not uncomfy. Lord, thank You for letting me know how this feels. Hihi :>

With my Kuya Noise

With my Kuya Noise


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