As I write this, Pin and I are currently conversing in fb. He got curious about my blog and he asked my consent if he could take a peek of  it. I paused for a while and asked him why. He stated several reasons that would have make me say yes, but he didn’t win. *laughs* Honestly, I wonder why he wants to see my writings. Where in fact, it’s a blog full of blues. “‘Cause I’m interested and it’s Odessa’s,” he said. I wonder if he’s that interested in my life or just ya know, just wanna read my writings just for the sake of reading. Lol jk. Really have no idea. But whatever his reasons are, I just hope he’s interested in a way that he wants to know me more. In a way that he wants to have a deeper look of the real me.

Pin, it’s okay if you wish to know me, the real me. Just wanna remind you that I am not an easy person to put up with, to deal with. But if you have that wow patience, and if you still have that desire  in your heart (ows) to know me better, well then okay, I’ll allow you to have a closer look to the person I am. 🙂


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