10 Things That Happen When You’ve Found A True Best Friend For Life

I suddenly missed my BFF’s! ❤

Thought Catalog


1. You let them see the parts you shield from the rest of the world

This could be quite literal and you just strip with ease in front of them. Real friends, get naked, right? Okay, but seriously, a friend who’s going to stick around for a while is one who has seen the ugly bits of you. They know your faults, the things you might try to hide from everyone else, the insecurities — you can’t fool them. And when you find someone you can be your total authentic self with, including all those things you’d hate to be broadcast with a megaphone, that’s the person who is with you for the long haul. Because they’ve seen who you are — 100%, and they didn’t leave. They love you for all of it.

2. You start to read each other’s body language

It’s almost as if you have…

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